You make my dreams come true (true oo)

No matter how good a first week can go, you can’t help but think “will they return?”.

Thankfully, we were delighted that at the second week of the Social services choir, we had full attendance again, and nearly forty people’s voices were filling up the beautiful space harmoniously at the Wellington Church.

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The first week was full of impressive but easy to sing folk songs from Africa, and as fun as they were, the group were happy to have more familiar songs to tackle. On week one, we’d asked the group the types of songs that they liked to sing and the responses could only be described as varied and diverse! So, true to form, week two saw Gregg Muir (of Theatre Nemo) lead a harmony laden arrangement of ‘Hounds of Love’ by Kate Bush and his colleague Matt Regan led on ‘You Make My Dreams Come True’ by Hall and Oates.


There were lots of smiles and laughs throughout the night – with people talking about how much fun they’d had. There are still plenty of weeks to tackle more songs, if there’s a song you’ve always wanted to sing with a choir, come on down and let us know (or, better yet, let us know in advance by commenting on the blog below).

The choir will meet again on Monday, 21 October. It’s not too late to join; we have a firm emphasis on creating a welcoming and fun environment. All you need to do is bring your voice! Register at:

This is a partnership initiative of IRISS and Social Care Ideas Factory.

All comments and thoughts welcome.

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  1. Hounds of Love was my favourite this week. I’d really like us to try the arrangement of ‘Beat It’ that Gregg mentioned in week one. It’s in my top ten favourite songs. – There’s probably more than ten songs in the list. Stevie Wonder’s ‘As’ would be very very awesome too.

  2. I’ve been looking for a suitable choir for me in Glasgow for a while now, as I think that singing and interacting with people is a really great way to have fun and give your brain a break (I’m not well-suited to meditation!) A lot of the choirs I came across seemed intimidating, with their auditions and classy Youtube clips, but the Social services choir seemed much more welcoming!
    The first two weeks have been a LOT of fun and I’m so excited about the next few weeks, especially getting to sing songs that I have always wanted to learn.
    I just hope that you think about continuing into Trade School’s next term 😀

  3. I had been looking for a forgiving choir to join in with and this turned out to be just the ticket. I was encouraged by the knowledge that no auditions were required as that would almost certainly discount my admission to any other choir. Gregg and Matt have been great fun, informative and very patient. There are a really nice group of people here and the atmosphere has also been good. I fully intend to make all of the Monday night meetings. Thanks again guys.

  4. Singing is good for the soul ! Thanks IRISS and Social Care Ideas Factory (and our 2 choir masters) for bringing all kinds of people together to make one BIG, positive noise.
    I would like to suggest we sing “Lean On Me”, as it is a song most people will know, with a great message of re-assurance, that fits in well with the ethos of this choir project. I also know there are lovely harmonies in it… We all really DO need somebody to Lean On….

  5. Hi have really enjoyed the singing and meeting other people. Greg and Matt have been very enthusiastic and forgiving and give lots of praise. Thanks to all of you who organised this.

  6. I really enjoy the group so much. It’s not stuffy or formal, but just fun and laughter all the way and you just enjoy taking part. The end result sound excellent.
    Greg’and Matt do a really good job of motivating and leading us and although they may hear bum notes are never judgemental.
    I can’t wait for future Monday nights.

  7. This choir is such fun, nervous first night jitters were soon dispelled with such a great crowd of folk all willing and wanting to sing and a very welcoming atmosphere. Greg and Matt pitch things just right and their encouragement makes for better sounds!!

  8. I did some am dram years ago (don’t judge me…!!) but never been part of a choir and wasn’t sure if it would be my thing but I have to say that I’m loving it! Really given me a boost 🙂 Thanks to Gregg and Matt for making everyone feel really welcome and for not making it really serious.

    Can I suggest Phil Oakey (and some other Japanese gent who’s name I can’t remember) Together in Electric Dreams – again, a really uplifting, positive track.

  9. I would never in a million years have joined a choir, I thought you had to have a great voice (I don’t). I’m surprised at how much fun it is, singing is definitely good for the soul. The Hounds of love has been my favourite song so far. There’s a song I’d like to try …It Must Be Love by Madness… such an upbeat tune. Looking forward to next week, Greg and Matt make it easy, fun and interesting.

  10. I have been searching on and off for a choir for more years than I care to remember. When I heard about this new choir starting I decided to go for it. It was a true delight the first week, and I was amazed that so many turned up. The second week was superb- when Gregg Muir announced that we would learn Kate Bush’s “Hounds of Love” I almost passed out- I have been a huge fan since 1978- and I loved every minute of it.
    I feel honoured to be a part of a great group of people and cannot wait for Monday night now. Gregg Muir and Matt Regan have the prefect partnership that makes us all welcome and has us singing away, and laughing too. This is the ideal way to preserve my well being.

  11. So glad I made the decision to sign up to the choir,it makes going to work on a Monday quite pleasing, knowing where you are headed afterwards. As many of the choiristers have already remarked, Greg & Matt are “ab fab” . They are a great team, who are very encouraging and positive at what everyone brings to the choir on the night. Thanks to Lisa,and the other Iriss members (who I don’t quite know yet) who took the time to organise this event and contact people Which has been a great addition and welcome change to my normal Monday evenings. I am even happy to forego “Emmerdale” on a Monday,and that’s a “biggy” in my book.
    I will take a leaf out of Matt’s book and make a wee change to a well known song /chorus, sung by Bob and the Boomtown Rats- I do like ‘a’ Mondays.
    See you all soon.

  12. I’m really glad I got involved with this choir, it’s nourishment for the soul. It’s light hearted and leaves everyone exhilirated even after we all arrive tired. The choir masters and organisers (big shout out to Lisa!) are fab and really supportive. I love the songs…Kate Bush is my favourite so far & can’t wait for the Valerie mash up. Hope we don’t change venue, I’d really miss my Monday nights! It’s a brilliant laugh – Gregg’s a one man riot. They’re a genuinely good bunch of people 🙂

  13. Hi folks what a hoot Monday night was last week – The teachers are brill!!! I love to sing even if not fantastic – what a great opportunity safety in numbers LOL!!

  14. I really enjoy my Monday nights singing. Singing always cheers me up, especially if feeling down, its the Feel Good Factor. (not the X Factor, lol) I’ve been on annual leave for a few days and have been really looking forward to Monday; now, there’s not many people can say that! lol.

  15. Best thing I’ve ever done on a rainy Monday night.
    Greg and Matt a real tonic…
    Starting to feel a bit braver…

  16. Tonight, 21st October, was a brammer. I was a bit tired after a heavy day at work and this just blew away the cobwebs. Week three and we are getting to know one another nicely. We sounded great on You Make My Dreams Come True and The Hounds of Love sounded out of this world! Looking forward to next week and a new tune. Thanks to Gregg, Matt, Lisa and the rest of the IRISS team. First class!

  17. I was really impressed with the men (the Barlowettes) last night. You all seemed so focussed and made a great sound especially since there are so few of you.

  18. Another excellent group on Monday 21st October. A really exciting way to spend a driech and Autumnal night. The company was warm and Greg was on fire. The warm up games were so much fun.
    We are gaining in confidence and enjoying the singing more and more.
    The chocolate biscuits were an energy boost ! ! Well they were ! !

  19. Great fun and really good to get a break from work for a couple of hours.Greg and Matt are fab and have a really good relaxed teaching style which makes the event such fun. I travelled from Stirling last week, Irvine this week and will be traveling from Lochgilphead next Monday and I live an hour away….but it’s worth the travelling! Thank you to IRISS and Trade School. It’s even helping me stop clenching my jaw for a couple of hours relief…….cognative therapy……just a couple of hours with Greg and Matt will sort you out!

  20. lovin the choir, love singing but usually put everyone else off! The good thing is I can’t hear myself so its great just to belt it out without feelin self conscious. Everyone is so friendly and full of fun. Gregg and Matt are fab as are all the workers behind the scenes. Will really miss it when the 10wks are over.

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