“I don’t sing because I’m happy; I’m happy because I sing”

– William James

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It was another great session at the beautiful Wellington Church, the space has to be one of the prettiest rehearsal spaces you could ask for. This week it really felt like the group was getting into its groove, the session was filled with beautiful music and the break filled with busy chatting now we’re getting to know each other!

The reaction to the first few weeks has been incredible. The entire point of the Social Services choir is to bring a community spirit joyfully to the group, and we feel really encouraged by the wide variety of comments like:

“Great fun and really good to get a break from work for a couple of hours.  Greg and Matt are fab and have a really good relaxed teaching style which makes the event such fun. I travelled from Stirling last week, Irvine this week and will be traveling from Lochgilphead next Monday and I live an hour away….but it’s worth the travelling! Thank you to IRISS and Trade School. It’s even helping me stop clenching my jaw for a couple of hours relief……cognitive therapy……just a couple of hours with Greg and Matt will sort you out!”

“Singing is good for the soul”


“Another excellent group on Monday 21st October. A really exciting way to spend a driech and Autumnal night. The company was warm and Greg was on fire… We are gaining in confidence and enjoying the singing more and more.”

If you’re curious at all about joining the choir, or think someone you support might get a lot out of it, come on down for a session, you won’t regret it! The choir will meet again on Monday, 28 October. It’s not too late to join; we have a firm emphasis on creating a welcoming and fun environment. All you need to do is bring your voice! Even if you sing like a seagull!

Lisa was joining in and taking some great snaps of the night, here are some action shots:[We’ll try to get some more of Gregg multitasking, posing, playing piano and choir leading!]

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 09.35.33

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 09.39.41

Lots of people asked for a link to the photographs – all are available on the IRISS Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/openlx/sets/72157636828530884/

Next week we’ll be singing ‘Lean on Me’ – which was one of the suggested songs from our lovely singers. We’re really excited about singing this song as it has such beautiful lyrics and resonates with so many people. Next week, we may even be brave enough to upload an audio clip of our singing to this blog!

To come along, just register at: http://tradeschool.coop/Glasgow/class Tell a friend!

This is a partnership initiative of IRISS and Social Care Ideas Factory.
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20 Replies to ““I don’t sing because I’m happy; I’m happy because I sing””

  1. Looks like you had a great time last week. I’m sorry I had to miss it – duty called as I spent the evening supporting a group of social care practitioners and managers writing journal articles about integration. I’ll also miss next weeks sing along – daughter duty calls this time.

    I’m with you in spirit though and can’t wait to be back amongst you in November – seagull voice and all!

  2. I can’t believe how quickly the time passes and how good I think we are beginning to sound. I really love being a low lady.

  3. Looking forward to hear (and sing) your arrangement for Lean On Me – I think it’s a song that many people will enjoy singing. thanks for listening to my suggestion. If people reading this are in doubt about joining us, please come along and try it – you will be made very welcome. Sing your bravest song!

    1. oh you’re keen! maybe you can practice Lean On Me, you won’t need the lyric sheet then.

  4. Loving coming along to a place where your singing ability doesnt really matter – Such fun and am loving coming along desperately trying to release my inner Diva 🙂

  5. Just can’t wait, it’s such a good way of releasing tension, my shoulders are much less hunched. Being part of a harmonious group, makes you feel so good. thanks everyone.

  6. It’s Monday, woop woop! Lean on me….for the feel good factor it doesn’t get much better than that…Can’t wait to let loose, uh oh 🙂

  7. What a night!
    Polishing “You Make My Dreams Come True” and “The Hounds of Love” was brilliant and we even got to start “Lean on Me”.
    Now that’s what I call a shift.
    When we sang “Hounds of Love”, which sounded wonderful, it was lovely to hear the applause from the angels up on high.
    Thanks Gregg and Matt once again.

  8. loved my first night and really enjoyed being part of the choir. It was such good fun – can’t wait for next week. Luv it luv it!!

  9. It just gets more and more fun, each night feels quite different, full of joy and surprises. Greg and Matt play their instruments in such a relaxed way, our songs and the singing come easily and doesn’t seem like hard work.
    It’s funny though when I get home and after a few hours am still ( singing ) wearing my name badge !

  10. Monday night was great. So sorry I was unable to attend the 1st four sessions and looking forward to the next time I can come along – week 6. Wish I had recorded my bit so I could be practising more – I am still singing though I don’t remember the words (or the tunes!). Thanks all for your patience and companionship and to Gregg and Matt for their good humoured mastering of our motley crew.

  11. Monday (Nov 25th) was excellent with Matt all on his own. It was great fun and the two songs, Sleigh Ride and Jingle Bells had us all going. It was also a chance for the boys to sing some melody and that was just magic for us. Way to go, Matt!

    1. I was sorry to miss it Tom! If you’d like to drop me an email with your thoughts as to how it has been over the past few weeks (just a paragraph or two), I’d happily publish it as a guest contribution blog. Let me know if you are interested (no pressure at all).


  12. Monday night ( 2nd December) was an exhilarating musical workout as Gregg & Matt put us through our paces and we delivered Hounds of Love, You Make my Dreams Come True, Patience & Lean on Me. Brilliant!
    Who can believe that we could do that in just 9 weeks?

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