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Singing together really is one of the best ways to break the ice and get to know each other, and although this is the end of the fourth session of the Social Services choir, it feels like the group has been together for far longer. We’ve been getting chattier and chattier! Some great personalities are starting to show, and in between all of the joking (and Gregg going on about his great shoes) we got great work done on our three songs, Lean on me, You make my dreams come true and Hounds of love.

The next few weeks will have the choir add another song to our repertoire, and (yes we have to!) a Christmas tune towards the end of the block. It’s easy for energy levels to drop in these cold winter months, but the group show no sign of slowing down with attendance still high. Some of the feedback is absolutely incredible!

I can’t believe how quickly the time passes and how good I think we are beginning to sound”

“Hurry up weekend- I want Monday night now!”


“Just can’t wait, it’s such a good way of releasing tension, my shoulders are much less hunched. Being part of a harmonious group, makes you feel so good. thanks everyone.”

The choir will meet again on Monday, 4th November. It’s not too late to join; we have a firm emphasis on creating a welcoming and fun environment. All you need to do is bring your voice!

To come along, just register at: Tell a friend!

This is a partnership initiative of IRISS and Social Care Ideas Factory.
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  1. Can’t believe the lovely sounds we are making, never thought we would be singing in four part harmonies and a great fun bunch of folk to boot – yes I will be back! Talked to Hillhead Library and they do have a room that could take us all on a Monday at the same time – only problem is no piano and I don’t think they have invented a pop up one yet.

  2. I’m quite sad I won’t get my usual fix on Mon 18th as I’ll be travelling back to Glasgow. Oh how I will be missing all the fun and laughter. Hope you don’t do too much new stuff Lol

  3. Was singing all last week though by Wednesday it was only internally.

    Today I’m doing my vocal warm ups in my head. Taffy Tayfa, Taffy Tayfa, because it’s MONDAY!! see you all soon.

  4. Really liked singing around the piano this week and being able to hear eachother better. I will miss the next 2 sessions as on holiday. If anyone wants to see another choir perform I would encourage you to come along to this: (tell them Annemarie sent you.. 😉
    Sounds International Annual Concert
    In aid of World Child Cancer
    Venue : St. Aloysius Church
    Wednesday 27th November 7:30pm
    Tickets : £8.00 (available at the door)
    Join the vibrant community choir for their annual concert in a beautiful setting, songs will include You Raise Me Up, He Aint Heavy, Rhythm of Life, Lean On Me, a selection of Christmas Carols and Italian songs by special guest, Scottish Tenor Martin Aelred.

  5. Aren’t we a nice bunch making sure Gregg didn’t get the chance to miss us while on his holidays by singing to his answer phone.

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