The choir name with most votes is….

The votes are in and the winning suggestion for the choir name is…..In Full Voice!

Thanks to choir members for submitting votes. Now we can shout ‘In Full Voice’ are performing at the Social Services Conference and Expo 2014.¬†For those wanting further information on the conference, please visit the event website. This includes venue information.

The choir will meet again at the Hillhead Library, Byres Road, Glasgow on Monday, 10th February.

One Reply to “The choir name with most votes is….”

  1. I love the New snappy name, it just feels so inclusive.
    Now that we are in the 2nd 10wk session, I’ve gained in confidence and feel included and very much a part of ‘ In Full Voice’. I’m hoping to take forward the (soul) of the group to my fellow Brain Injured friends as ‘ Singing for the Brain’ ‘research shows singing in a group can help general communication

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