Workforce survey 2015 – What makes the workforce feel valued?

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Workforce survey 2015 – What makes the workforce feel valued? 2017-05-19T11:30:54+00:00

What makes the workforce feel valued? 70% of respondents say good outcomes for the people they support make them feel valued. 64% said that positive feedback from people supported by services made them feel valued. 77% of respondents perceived that they were 'Always' or 'Often' provided with effective support and supervision. 'I know I'm part of a great team and I an trusted which gives me a foundation for doing my job well and achieving'. 'While I feel valued by my colleagues, management and service users, I do not feel valued in regards to pay, terms and conditions; for example a decrease in sick pay, not receiving days in lieu for working Christmas Day, Boxing Day,new year and so forth. I also feel that the increased paperwork now involved, as well as our daily duties, does not reflect in our wages.'
Learning and development. 74% of respondents said they had the opportunity to attend training of interest to them and that supports them in their work. 42% make time out of work to study. Respondents from the private sector are more likely to say that they were 'sent' on training (50%).

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