A message from one of our choir members, Tom Chalmers:

I had been looking for a choir for several years and had given up on finding the right one for me. Then when I heard Lisa from IRISS speaking about the new Social Services Choir, I instantly had a feeling that I had at last found what I had been looking for. This choir, with the more than able leadership of the wonderful duo Gregg and Matt, has been a revelation to me and each week we have created some beautiful sounds and shared many a giggle.

Everyone in the group is so friendly and I cannot wait for a Monday night to come around. Singing gives you peace of mind, is very empowering and I go home feeling energised. I am amazed at the number of songs we have polished off in these first 8 weeks and the choir is an important element of my continued well being. I am also to be involved in a community drumming group and volunteer for the RNIB, and now I feel so lucky that I can add the choir to my list, which completes my Golden Nugget Trilogy.

Tom Chalmers

November 2013

Social Services Choir is a joint venture by IRISS and Social Care Ideas Factory

You make my dreams come true (true oo)

No matter how good a first week can go, you can’t help but think “will they return?”.

Thankfully, we were delighted that at the second week of the Social services choir, we had full attendance again, and nearly forty people’s voices were filling up the beautiful space harmoniously at the Wellington Church.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 11.02.41

The first week was full of impressive but easy to sing folk songs from Africa, and as fun as they were, the group were happy to have more familiar songs to tackle. On week one, we’d asked the group the types of songs that they liked to sing and the responses could only be described as varied and diverse! So, true to form, week two saw Gregg Muir (of Theatre Nemo) lead a harmony laden arrangement of ‘Hounds of Love’ by Kate Bush and his colleague Matt Regan led on ‘You Make My Dreams Come True’ by Hall and Oates.


There were lots of smiles and laughs throughout the night – with people talking about how much fun they’d had. There are still plenty of weeks to tackle more songs, if there’s a song you’ve always wanted to sing with a choir, come on down and let us know (or, better yet, let us know in advance by commenting on the blog below).

The choir will meet again on Monday, 21 October. It’s not too late to join; we have a firm emphasis on creating a welcoming and fun environment. All you need to do is bring your voice! Register at: http://tradeschool.coop/Glasgow/class

This is a partnership initiative of IRISS and Social Care Ideas Factory.

All comments and thoughts welcome.