Feedback presentations 17/10/11

Today is the first day of presentations for this project and we are at the Glasgow School of Art. The students are presenting each of the four themes: anticipatory care, social isolation, reablement, and partnership and communication. We are expecting the presentations to be about what the students have learned in the last two weeks through research, visiting services, older people and carers, and how they have interpreted their learning.

As well as presenting to the course leader and lecturer, Ian Grout, we have a mixture of practitioners from each of the four sectors here today, some will stay all day, other will leave and more are due to join the proceedings. Unfortunately there are no older people or carers here to enable the students and practitioners to hear what they think about their interpretations and perspectives. However we hope this will change for future presentations.

We’ll upload a copy of each of the presentations which are referred to in the blog posts later.