Summary of presentations – 17/10/11

Summary of the day

Practitioners said that the design students had a really good grasp of the issues, services, sectors and people’s experiences and there was a great deal of healthy discussion and debate after the presentations. Things for the students to think about for the next presentation included finding out more information about¬†financial, experiential and practical possibilities with their design ideas, as well as looking at research and evidence sources to validate their ideas.

Between now and the next presentations on 31st October each group is going to:

– Focus on a specific area in their theme.
– Start thinking about ‘what if’ this, or that, was introduced into current systems, visualise this and share it with practitioners, older people and carers to get feedback.
– Speak to a GP to include this perspective in their research.
– Bring in their knowledge about how older people are cared for in other countries (over half of the students are from overseas).

If older people or carers would like to attend the presentations on 31st October and 14th/28th November, please get in contact with Gayle Rice or Lisa Pattoni at IRISS on 0141 559 5059.