New Standards for Health and Social Care



Scotland’s new Standards for Health and Social Care are the standards of care which all registered care services in Scotland should use to improve quality.

The last review of Scotland’s care standards was in 2002, since then, services and partnerships have changed substantially. In light of this, over the previous two years, the Standards have been reviewed and refined through engagement with key stakeholders and a range of consultation processes. The new Standards reflect an outcomes-focused approach to care and support which put people and partnerships at the centre of care.

How they will be used

Since April 2018, the Standards have been used as a guide for inspection by the Care Inspectorate. Their application aims to ensure that everyone living in Scotland knows what they can expect from health and social care services and can experience high-quality care throughout the country.

You can find the New Standards for Health and Social Care and the principles that underpin them here:

The new Standards for Health and Social Care will be rolled out gradually from April 2018 onwards. Work, such as this project, is being done across the sector to get stakeholders ready for their application.