P1. Who is in the room?

Held at PKAVS in Perth, in this session, Colin Paton – Quality Assurance and Improvement Team Leader from PKC and Ali Jones, Project Manager from Iriss facilitated conversations with a range of stakeholders in Perth and Kinross. Stakeholders within meeting ranged from NHS staff, care at home providers and Local Authority personnel.

We started the session with an introduction to project and The New Health and Social Care Standards. We then proceeded to map out our working connections to one another, to understand what links we already had and to find out more about everybody’s role and why they wanted to be part of the meetings. We then proceeded to delve a little deeper into why we were all here, by focusing on the questions that can be seen in the infographic, above.

This meeting gave partners an insight into how stakeholders were feeling about the Standards and what they needed in order to feel supported in integrating and exploring them within their practice. Many of the stakeholders at this session requested practical and tangible tools that they could use to help support their team; there was also a strong emphasis on how to document practices for evaluation. This session has given us an excellent platform and starting point for future conversations.