P3. Compassionate Care


Though this meeting was slightly underrepresented by project stakeholders, those that did attend were open and honest about the subject, which helped to gain further insight into one of the most talked about standards, compassion. 

The session started with a personal mapping exercise that helped participants to understand who was in their orbit. The purpose of this exercise was to get individual to think about the resources and opportunities that already exist in their network, which may be helpful in future sessions when we think about sharing and gathering information about our partnership work and the Standards.

The above infographics give you a summary of how we approached the subject of compassion. One of the main messages we heard from the group, was that compassion could only be understood or experienced if it was shown at every level.

Worksheets from this session can be found in the Materials section of the website.

Moving forward

Although it was hugely beneficial to get a deeper understanding of compassion – and how each person understood and communicated its meaning – it was felt that the group needed more information about how the Standards would be measured and graded. Only then could these meetings inform the development and application of the Standards in a more proactive and immediate way. In light of this, Iriss Project Manager, Ali Jones is working closely with the Care Inspectorate to make sure that this information is available for forthcoming meetings.

The next meeting will take place on the 7th of August. For more information, or to be part of this please contact Ali Jones, ali.jones@iriss.org.uk.