Feedback from workshops 2015

Following our first workshop, we asked a couple of participants to blog about their experience and their hopes for the future.

For me the IRISS day was a way to start thinking about a future world which will be greatly different due to social/economic/demographic changes which are a reality of our time. Although no one knows exactly how the future will be shaped it will undoubtedly be different. So IRISS was setting the scene to consider how regulation will adapt to this changing world and what tensions will be thrown up. I feel that the second IRISS day will get into more detail about what the changes may actually mean for us, for now I think it has just been food for thought:: in the words of Karen Carpenter; “We’ve only just begun.”

My expectation of this workshop was to consider how future thinking about risk, innovation and improvement could feature in how our methodology develops. While I enjoyed the discussions on the day and look forward to the second workshop, the way I undertake my day to day role has not significantly changed. I consider myself to be an innovative manager with a strong focus on improvement. I’m hoping the project has a longer term structural impact on how my organisation develops.


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