Inspection & Improvement: Working Together Guide

This guide focuses on supporting improvement in social services through collaboration.

The Working Together guide was created in 2016-17 as a part of Iriss’ ongoing partnership with the Care Inspectorate. This guide is based on our work with a group of Inspectors and registered care homes as well as an internal staff survey. As a group, we explored the characteristics of inspections that lead to improvement and developed guidance, ideas and tools which support that experience.

The guide is intended to support improvement work across all services by offering key definitions, sharing analysis from our surveys, presenting innovative ideas and providing tools to support improvement. We see this as a part of a wider range of tools for improvement for Inspectors, supporting the organisation’s vital role in supporting improvement. In practice, we see services and inspectors use individual cards from the tool and choosing only the most relevant elements for them.

The tool is free to download and use. Although it was developed in the context of care homes, we have had interest from a wide range of social services.

You can download the Working Together Guide here.