Getting to know one another and sharing our perspectives on heart failure

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For an overview of the approach we took in this project check out the Approach applied in KiP page.  This page explains that the process we were working through was to ‘learn’, ‘plan’ and ‘do’ together. This meeting was our first opportunity to learn about each other and share what we knew about heart failure. Our goals for the day were:

Connecting up and building relationships Sharing expectations about what we want to achieve Agreeing how we want to work together Agreeing homework and next steps

We achieved these goals by working through this programme.

Connecting up

For our ice-breaker we asked people, in pairs, to ask each other:

Why did you come along today? What is one thing you are really quite good

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Experiences of heart failure in our local area

Review, re-cap, repetition and reinforcement

Still in the learning stage of our work we used the start of this meeting to re-state project aims, re-cap what we understood by co-production and person-centred care and re-visit our working together agreement.

We also discussed our hopes and ambitions for this work in the context of the project timetable so people could see how these hopes and aspirations may fit into this trajectory. Despite stressing the need to allow for time to build up relationships, learn together and establish solid agreement, this group’s desire to move quickly to action was quite tangible. Showing them where we were as part of a project plan was, I hope, quite helpful in keeping everyone on board.

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This was our programme for the day and our goals were:

To understand person-centred care To understand the

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Guest blog from Chris

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We invited all the members of each of the KiP projects to blog about their experiences. Congratulations to Chris for being the first!

Taking it to heart : my account of diagnosing and living with Heart Failure by Christopher Farrell

I suppose no one ever expects to be living with heart failure but at the age of 33 I guarantee you I never imagined I would.

Heart failure – BOOM – there it is, like the big C or Dementia or any life altering condition, the day they first say that word to you it’s like being punched in the gut followed by a dream-like silence as the words and nothing else sink in – HEART and FAILURE.

For me, I first heard the words sitting on a

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Starting to plan…

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This was the first session where we started to move from learning about each other and our locality, to thinking about what we may plan to do together.

You can vew our programme for this day and our goals were:

To map our community assets To introduce approaches to improvement Develop improvement ideas to trial Agree homework and next steps Attendance

At this meeting a few were unable to attend. One group member with lived experience, was being treated for an unrelated illness, and another had suffered a close bereavement and would most likely not be returning to the group. This meant there were only three people with lived experience of heart failure, or of caring for someone who has a heart failure.

Two of our professionals

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Choosing ideas and developing plans

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So now it was time to identify the ideas we wanted to develop and create plans to make these ideas a reality.  We did this by working through this programme and having these goals:

Revisit community mapping and effective communication Develop and agree improvement ideas to trial Agree homework and next steps Connecting up

Music is a great connector. To get everybody talking, relaxed and to get to know each other just that bit little more we asked group members to talk in pairs about their favourite songs and repeated this three times. People had great fun revealing why, for example, Eric Clapton’s ‘You Look wonderful Tonight’ was so special to them, or what it was about Queen that they loved  (as well as their experiences of seeing

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Feedback on ideas and further action planning


Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 15.25.35Planning template

 *As Kerry (Project Manager on this project) had now gone on maternity leave,  Rikke and I (Vivien) facilitated this session*

The aim of the day was to move the ideas closer towards being tested (the ‘do’ stage of this work). This is the programme we worked through, our goals were:

Working groups to provide progress reports on improvement ideas Action planning for testing out improvement ideas Measuring impact of improvement ideas Agreeing homework and next steps Attendance

Nine people attended this session, there were two apologies and one person was unwell.

Connecting up

For our ice-breaker activity, we asked each person to think of three interesting or unusual facts about themself. Two of the facts were to be true and one false. The

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Feedback, planning and celebration!

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*As Kerry (Project Manager on this project) had now gone on maternity leave I (Gayle) facilitated this session with Rikke*

Since the last meeting, the group had met to develop and test their ideas. In this session we discussed what people had done and what they planned to do next. As this was the final session, we also spent some time gathering reflections from the group about their experiences of taking part, and celebrating our achievements so far.  This was our programme for the day.

Our goals for the day were:

Working groups to provide progress reports on improvement ideas Action planning for testing out improvement ideas Measuring impact of improvement ideas Agree next steps Attendance

Ten people attended, there was one apology, one person was unwell, and one person was

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What has happened since the final workshop?

At the final workshop the group identified that the main output they wanted to develop and integrate into service provision was information resources for GPs and patients about mild heart failure. In addition, a local asset map is being developed by the group and two other ideas are still emerging: creating an ‘I am Heart Aware’ campaign and a one day event for NHS staff and the wider public at Wishaw Hospital on 6th May 2015. The event will showcase this project and will engage delegates in discussion about how this work can be built on in the future. The group is continuing to meet to develop these outputs and ideas.

Information sources for GPs and patients The group created a two-page information sheet about useful resources for people with heart failure and a two page FAQ  leaflet with information about heart failure. Designed to be used by GPs, patients or anyone

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