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Here at Iriss we have supported the use of the Co-production planner in many different settings. Often when we are introducing the planner to new people or settings, the same challenges emerge. We are using this learning to build our collection of ‘How to’ tutorials.  Have an explore, and if you feel like something is missing let us know!

How to: Using character tools in co-production

We have been working with a number of different organisations and projects to support them to use the co-production project planner. One thing that we often discussed is trying to navigate the number of different tools that are available to us when we are facilitating...

How to: Use tools to enhance engagement in social services

The Co-production planner includes a suite of facilitation tools that you can use in co-production projects. Iriss produced a publication in 2016 about using tools in social services, it is a really useful introduction to tools and is nicely illustrated too! This...

How to: Address power imbalance through co-production

Who’s in the room? Addressing power imbalance through co-production Over the past few months I have been working on a co-production project planning resource. Focused on putting ideas into action, it draws on my experience of delivering co-production projects with...


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