Full practitioner research reports available for download!

We are very pleased to showcase six of the full PROP2 practitioner-research reports.  They can be downloaded, along with the summary postcards, through the individual practitioner profiles on this blog.

Direct links to the reports are available here:

Raymond Brennan – With a little help from my friends: The ‘Circle of Friends’ approach

Geraldine Ditta – Resilience and wellbeing in people living with dementia in relation to perceived attitudes in their communities

Elaine Monteith – What helps women who have learning disabilities get checked for cervical cancer?

Iain Houston – ‘I’ve been thinking’: How does completing life story work affect people with dementia?

Alan Gilmour – How do we ensure that training and information support contributes to positive outcomes for carers?

Sarah Duff – Can yoga create calm in people with dementia?

The next steps….

We will now be meeting up with all the practitioners individually (as well as a whole range of our partners and supporters who made these projects possible) to evaluate and discuss how people found the process of taking part in and delivering PROP2. Even more importantly than that, we will be chatting to all the practitioners about the ways in which they have been implementing some of the findings from their research and how this has influenced their work. We’ll hopefully be ready to report on some of that and share our reflections just into the new year.


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  1. Hi Stuart – maybe we could explore using some of their research findings as a stimulus for a DEEP (Developing Evidence-Enriched Practice) Community of Enquiry?

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