Guest blogger

From Pippa Coutts, the Scottish Union of Supported Employment (SUSE)

SUSE is working on a capacity building project, funded by a grant awarded by The Scottish Government as part of their programme: “Implementing the National Strategy: Building the Capacity of Providers”.

SUSE’s members (generally providers of specialist employment services for people with disabilities) are thinking about the links between self directed support and effective employability support. They are concerned that there may be a lack of knowledge about supported employment amongst workers who are assessing self directed support applications or directing care plans.

SUSE members and events have highlighted a need to spread awareness of supported employment, its features and outcomes, if it is to be offered as a possibility to individuals taking up self directed support. This could lead to individuals’ options being narrowed and supported employment being excluded from SDS packages, although employment and supported employment is a recognised way of promoting inclusion and improving health.

The SUSE project would therefore like to engage with social work staff involved in developing and delivering self directed support across Scotland.

For further information, please contact Pippa Coutts on:

tel: 0751 399 7664