IRISS Insight on SDS – can you help?

One of the aims of the SDS Evidence Explorers project is to consider the value and role of different types of evidence. This includes the practical hands-on experience of practitioners, people who use SDS, provider and voluntary sector organisations, as well as evidence from research.

Regarding the latter, we are proposing to produce an IRISS Insight on self directed support. These will provide a concise, accessible overview of the existing research evidence and pull out the implications for practice. Although the focus for this Insight will be on SDS in Scotland as set out in the Bill, it might also draw on relevant evidence from England or Europe. Obviously there won’t be scope to go into any one aspect of SDS in much depth, but we want to present as accurate a ‘big picture’ as we can.

Has your organisation carried out research on SDS? Do you know about any research that it would be helpful to refer to? This might include studies carried out by voluntary, public or private sector organisations as well as by academics.

If you do, it would be really helpful if you could post details below – of authors, title, date of publication, web-links (if published on the web) – by 20 June. If you prefer, you could send this information to me in an e-mail: .


One thought on “IRISS Insight on SDS – can you help?”

  1. I am a Senior Social Care Worker in Shetland and am co-ordinating a SDS package. it is going very well as the family have embraced the underpinning knowledge of SDS and are now employing personal assistants.
    I have not encountered any problems as such but I am eager to find out if there is any generic paperwork to conduct the reviews with as I am using the NHS “Outcome- focussed Reviews” documents and am aware there are other formats available?
    I have found a great website to assist me with developing a holistic person centred support plan and there is some paperwork there to follow in reviews. Would like to get feedback from the forum as to what people think?

    Regards, Paul

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