Getting There: Maddiston and Rumford Activity Report 2016-2017

This report outlines the work to date of the Getting There: Maddiston and Rumford project. The aim of this work was to explore with local people how they feel about the area they live in, and work with them to make some real positive changes. The report explores the main enquiry work that was done in the area that included:

  • Completion of a local enquiry that involved asking local residents about their experiences of living in Maddiston and Rumford.
  • A Community Feast event that brought together local people and organisations to celebrate, and share food and ideas around activities that would benefit the area.
  • Following a community vote at the Feast, five local projects were given small amounts of money to spend on activities that were deemed to have a real positive impact on local people.
  • An asset map has been collated and hosted by Maddiston Community Council that captures the range of the local community assets (resources, places, activities and businesses) in the area.

This report isn’t the end of the story. We now hope to harness the positive momentum of the work and engage other individuals and organisations to both promote and take action on the findings of the project, with some of this already underway. We also want to highlight the partnership approach taken and help people explore how this could be tried out in other areas.

Please access the full report here:

Getting There: Maddiston and Rumford Activity Report 2016-2017

Getting there: Maddiston and Rumford – Short survey report

At the Maddiston and Rumford FEAST event we launched the findings of a community survey that we conducted in the local area. Towards the end of 2016, Maddiston Community Council and Iriss, with a range of other partners* helped design and conduct a survey asking local residents about their experiences of living in Maddiston and Rumford. We were delighted that over 200 adults from the local area and 250 children from Maddiston Primary School participated by filling in a paper survey, submitting answers online and being filmed on video. The majority of respondents were positive about life in the area but they also shared some things about what they would like to see improved.

Please click on the link to see the final illustrated report – Getting there short survey report

Physical copies of this short report will be distributed to organisatons, businesses and individuals in the area. We are now in the process of writing up a full report that not only includes detailed findings from the survey, but also explores more around the work that has been going on in Maddiston and Rumford and some key messages on taking this type of engagement and these ideas forward. We hope to have this report written up and drafted in March and published in April 2017.

*Braes High School, CVS Falkirk, Dial-a-Journey, Falkirk Community Trust, Falkirk Council, First Group, Forth Valley College, Maddiston Community Centre, Maddiston Primary School, NHS Forth Valley, SEStran

Practising Collaborative Leadership

Written by Nick Bland (Co-Director, What Works Scotland) and Cathy Sharp (Director, Research for Real), this report provides an overview of the collaborative approach taken to designing the Enabling Pioneer Programme. It uses a ‘learning history’ approach to document the experiences of those who’ve been involved in the development of the work.

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Place-based Approaches to Joint Planning, Resourcing and Delivery

This report from the Improvement Service provides an overview of the current practice of place-based approaches in Scotland across 27 local authority areas and also details the general literature on place-based approaches. The document includes a practical tool to enable partnerships to shape their thinking and approach before undertaking a new, or re-developing an existing place-based approach.


Link Up

Link Up, a programme of work from Inspiring Scotland,  increases opportunities for people in communities to come together, get to know different people, participate and help each other.

Link Up focuses on people as contributors.  Evaluation and economic analysis found Link Up creates new social networks, improves health and wellbeing of local people and gives them the confidence, motivation and skills to effect positive change.

Find out more here

11 principles for creating health

A new report from the Creating Health Collaborative draws together the learning from those working ‘beyond the lens of health care’ to distill 11 key principles for creating health. These include:

  1. Embrace an inclusive definition of community
  2. Acknowledge power imbalances
  3. Share power
  4. Let the community define what matters
  5. Measure what matters
  6. Operate at individual and community levels
  7. Embrace complexity
  8. Acknowledge that no one can do it alone
  9. Accept that it’s going to take time
  10. Build the right team
  11. Search for sustainability

Read the full report.

Ten design principles for place-based care

This report from The King’s Fund Place-based systems of care argues that providers of services should work together to improve health and care for the populations they serve. This means organisations collaborating to manage the common resources available to them rather than each organisation adopting a ‘fortress mentality’ in which it acts to secure its own future regardless of the impact on others. It provides 10 design principles for place-based systems of care.

Place-based health – reform places, not organisations

This is a paper by Collaborate and the New Local Government Network that examines the health and well-being systems and England and advocates for a move to a more person-focused through a consideration of places and lifestyles. We like this thinking as it is moving away from the idea of integrating services as a solution to improving care, to integrating around what means most to people. There’s also a nice use of data visualisation to frame frame some of this thinking and the data behind it – see the full paper here.