Participle – Learning from the London Circle

Participle ran an innovation project that started with older people themselves, that would include the abundance of experience and wealth and would ask how this could be shared in order to grow a new approach for all, rooted in prevention and the fostering of capabilities. Southwark Council, Sky media and the Department for Work and Pensions funded the open innovation. They worked with over 250 people in Southwark, South London to develop some answers.

The links to the full report and other details are here.

Animating Assets and action research

The Glasgow Centre for Population Health worked in partnership with the Scottish Community Development Centre to test asset based approaches to improving community health and wellbeing.
Animating Assets’ was a collaborative piece of action research. Action research involves researchers working alongside people for everyone to try out, develop and learn from different ways of doing things. There is a strong congruence between asset-based approaches and action research; action research is appreciative in that it recognises strengths and assets as a starting point for inquiry and builds and embeds resilience and capacity through the process of research itself. We are trying to incorporate the values of assets based approaches and action research into our project at Iriss. See the full report from their work here.

Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)

Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) is an approach that is both strengths based and community driven. The positive influence of this approach is that it focuses on a local area from a competencies, capacities and resources point of view. This way of thinking and working moves on from looking at the needs of an area, to looking at the contributions of that area.