Commuting Under Pressure

Navigating the sensory landscapes of work based travel

“…David (who has a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome) retraces his journey from Southampton to Leeds (via London) in order to illustrate the use of mobile technology to assist with travel…”

David makes a very good job of illustrating the kind of sensory overload issues that can be a risk for those using public transport. Clear signage in public areas can be helpful. He makes good use of a smartphone to

  • Check travel schedules and see whether there are any unscheduled changes to timetables.
  • Play music and use over-the-ear headphones with his device to block out the sound of the underground and construction work at a train station and other loud or unwanted noise.
  • Navigation – uses mapping facilities and the GPS of the phone to find out where he is and which direction he’s facing.

He says he’s found using this kind of technology good for reducing the stress associated with travel and helping avert potential panic attacks.