Herbalist service

Funded ideas

Name: Leila Maine

Proposed idea: Herbalist services

Start-up funding received: £745

Project start date: October 2014

Sustainability measures: There will be a charge for all classes, to cover materials and secure the project as an on-going business.

Leila on the background to her idea: I already consider myself to be a community Herbalist and Aromatherapist. I aim to empower people to enable them to incorporate herbal medicine into their daily life through a range of services, such as:

• herbal preparation workshops
• herbal guided walks
• herbal talks and discussion groups
• herbarium workshops
• herbal consultations
• providing herbal first aid and kits
• herbal dispensary
• aromatherapy massage

My plan is to make herbal medicine accessible to all sections of society. This will be advertised through the media, libraries, posters, joining groups, meeting people, health fairs, craft fairs, farmers markets and taster sessions in the residential homes and community hubs in Pitlochry. Long term I hope to extend my services outwith the Pitlochry area.

Leila’s reflections on the process: I’ve been involved since the first workshop and have learned so much. Most importantly I have learned to not be scared of trying new things. Change is good. I now look more closely at what’s out there and understand the importance of networking. I link with people in the community who want to strengthen it. I reevaluate all of the time now, and I am much braver!

I had a great deal of help with getting my idea developed – both from the Creative Care and Support partners and from my friends. My friend designed my logo!

I have found that being involved through the whole process it has allowed me to link up with people at different stages and this has really helped extend the scope of my work. I am involved in the sensory garden at the Atholl Centre and I am collaborating with a basket weaver with whom I am developing ‘pamper hampers’.

The support I have had has been great, and the financial help has made me more confident and taken away some of the risk.