Games and reminiscence activities – a community resource

Funded ideas

Name: Maureen Cowan of Welcome All Soup Lunch

Proposed idea: Activity and reminiscence resource

Start-up funding received: £700

Project start date: 3rd October 2014

Sustainability measures: It is estimated that the resource will increase the number of members of the lunch club and therefore also financial contribution.

Maureen on the background to the idea: The lunch group normally meets for an hour on Fridays and with the introduction of the resource it is hoped that we can now run for two hours, with the first hour for soup and a roll, and the second hour for social and recreational activities. The group members themselves will decide what activities they wish to pursue and purchase. Some suggestions so far have included: board games, quizzes, floor games and reminiscence activities. By physical and mental stimulation it is hope that these activities will contribute to individuals’ health and wellbeing, reducing social isolation and increasing connections within the local community. We will be seeking to link into other activities which improve health and well- being (e.g. LiveActive, Positive Images, Carers’ advice, and health promotion. We are also looking into developing this into a lending library for the community.