May 2015 update: How are the projects going?

Last week Fiona and I met with the people who had received funding from the Creative Care and Support: Pitlochry fund to learn how they had spent their funding, how they were progressing in the set up of groups and organisations, and what their plans […]

Partner reflections

The project partners were asked to reflect on the project by following the guiding questions below. We sought to get the most candid answers possible, so to protect the identity of each partner the quotes below are listed in no particular order, and with no […]

PAs and self employment

The Creative Care and Support: Pitlochry project partners quickly became aware that many of the people living in Pitlochry are self-employed or interested in setting up as self-employed. This was difficult to combine with the requirement for PA support in the area. Therefore, in December 2013, […]

Project reflections: Rikke’s response to Lisa

Hi Lisa I think we have indeed been courageous in this project and that many good things have come of it, although I would happily be the first to admit that the outcomes bear little resemblance to what we set out to create. There are […]

Project reflections: letter to Rikke from Lisa

Hi Rikke, I read somewhere recently that it was important to ‘be courageous but not foolhardy’ in life and I suppose when we were embarking on this project, I thought we were doing just that. We didn’t know exactly what would happen, but we hoped […]

Funding process

IRISS made a seed fund £10,000 available for the ideas generated in the workshops during Creative care and support: Pitlochry to allow for the new initiatives to be tested. The project partners believed that a crucial element in supporting the development of new ideas is to fund local […]

Photo by xlibber (via Flickr)

Pitlochry and its people

The town of Pitlochry sits within the picturesque highland area of Perthshire and is a popular tourist destination particularly with anglers and hillwalkers. Its population is around 2500 people, of whom many are of a pensionable age. 34% of the population is 65 years or older, […]

IRISS’s project partners

The partners IRISS worked with to deliver the project were: Service Design Masters students from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design. Service design is a relatively new field, which seeks to engage users more actively in the creative process. Business, third sector and […]

Games and reminiscence activities – a community resource

Name: Maureen Cowan of Welcome All Soup Lunch Proposed idea: Activity and reminiscence resource Start-up funding received: £700 Project start date: 3rd October 2014 Sustainability measures: It is estimated that the resource will increase the number of members of the lunch club and therefore also […]

Herbalist service

Name: Leila Maine Proposed idea: Herbalist services Start-up funding received: £745 Project start date: October 2014 Sustainability measures: There will be a charge for all classes, to cover materials and secure the project as an on-going business. Leila on the background to her idea: I already […]