Amy Begg

I am a Staff Nurse on the Acute Admissions Unit at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh.  My research seeks to gain perspective on the attitudes of older people in relation to being ‘boarded’ to another ward in the hospital. I aim to explore the appropriateness of boarding and the opinions of older people who have been boarded through a series of semi-structured interviews. I hope to present the findings of this research to other Staff Nurses in the Acute Admissions Unit and others based out of the Royal Infirmary.

May Knowledge Exchange Event

Amy recently presented her research at a PROP Knowledge Exchange event at the University of Edinburgh, in May 2013.

Here is a link to an audio recording of her presentation: Amy Begg’s Presentation.

Her presentation is available here: Amy Begg’s Powerpoint, May 9th 2013.

A copy of her postcard can be downloaded here: Amy Begg’s Postcard.