The PROP project has partnered with six service delivery organisations: Alzheimer Scotland, Glasgow City Council, Midlothian Council, NHS Lothian, West Lothian Council and Vocal to support practitioners in carrying out practice-informed research.

The practitioner-researchers include social workers, nurses and care workers.  They are conducting small-scale pieces of research about care for older people. These projects are informed by the day-to-day concerns of policy and practice and are driven by a desire to improve services for older people.

For more detail on these projects, please follow the links below:

Amy Begg – NHS Lothian

Anne Scott – NHS Lothian

Billie Morrow – NHS Lothian

Abenet Tsegai and Becky Gamiz – VOCAL and Midlothian Council

Gabrielle Colston – Alzheimer Scotland

Janice Caine – Alzheimer Scotland

Kathy Litteljohn – Glasgow City Council

Catherine Robertson – West Lothian Council





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