Kathy Litteljohn

The practitioner research project (PROP) is small scale, and being undertaken in my role a hospital based social worker in the South Sector Hospitals Team.

The focus of my research is the new model on Hospital Discharges in Glasgow City called the Assessment at Home Pathway (AAH). It was developed by the Joint Health and Social Work Assessment At Home Working Group and implemented in Glasgow City Council Social Work Service, South Sector, on 25 June 2012. The Pathway was rolled out to the North West and North East Sectors of the city in August 2012.

In particular, I aim to examine any issues which may have emerged in the first months of implementation AAH Pathway and the experience of the wider team in respect of the AAH Pathway.  Given the early stage of implementation of the Pathway, I am interested in whether there are process or organisational procedures which may be seen as challenges or barriers to positive service user outcomes by staff, carers or service users.

I hope that, with support from colleagues and peers, I will use this opportunity for continuous learning and to contribute, to a small degree, to the knowledge base around AAH.

Download a copy of the report: “Assessment at Home pathway: the experiences of service users, carers and staff in South Glasgow during the early stages of implementation – July 2012 to January 2013” through the IRISS learning exchange.

May Knowledge Exchange Event

Kathy recently presented her research at a PROP Knowledge Exchange event at the University of Edinburgh, in May 2013.

Here is a link to an audio recording of her presentation: Kathy Litteljohn’s Presentation.

Her presentation is available here: Kathy Litteljohn’s Powerpoint, May 9th 2013.

A copy of her postcard can be downloaded here: Kathy Litteljohn’s Postcard.

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