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Practitioner research: older people

As western societies experience an aging population, improving, or even maintaining, the quality of health and social care of older people is a significant issue.  Reflecting wider trends, in Scotland by 2031 the number of people aged 65 and over is projected to be 58% higher than in 2004.  This represents a significant challenge to health and social care services, as well as to individuals providing care to relatives or friends.

This project brings together a team of academics, policy-makers, practitioners, older people accessing health and social care provision, and specialists in evidence-use and knowledge media.  Collectively we will draw together existing evidence, generate new evidence and improve the use of this evidence to improve the lives of older people across Scotland.

One of the key outputs of the project will be the delivery of a practitioner research programme, through which practitioners (and potentially older people receiving support) will be supported to undertake small-scale research projects. NHS Lothian, Scottish Care, West Lothian Council, Glasgow City Council and Alzheimer Scotland are partners in the project, and will release up to 3 members of staff each to participate in the practitioner research programme.

The project is being led by CRFR (University of Edinburgh) and IRISS (Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services).

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Catherine-Rose is an IRISS Associate in Contribution Analysis. She was previously the Research Fellow on the PROP project (co-designed by IRISS and CRFR). PROP is an ESRC-funded project focused on improving care for older through practitioner-research.