A wish goodnight

by Logan Niblo

I tuck him into bed
With a hug and wish goodnight,
Something from a perfect story book.
Think about tomorrow I whisper
Giving him one last gentle smile.

As I close his bedroom door
And look around the house
You’d think a bomb had hit,
My mind flashes back
To the way it all went down.

It started with a joke
That just got out of hand,
Soon the house was trashed
With plates, holes in the walls, broken glass.

Hurtful things were said
Insults thrown like punches
But he says
It’s not my place to discipline
I am not his Parent.

Thinking about his life
What he went through
Abuse, neglect, nearly killed
A child with no childhood
Although its not an excuse
I remember back to mine
Me, mum, dad and dog
Laughing having fun
I can’t help to think What if?
He’s been in care eight years now
Is that a fair life to live?

So, I tuck him into bed
With a hug and wish goodnight.