Diary Stories

The View from Here

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These excerpts are from real diaries, the names have been changed. We asked a group of illustrators to help visualise these reflections. We hope that they prompt, challenge and create conversation about social care.

The Stories

Beth’s story

Can I really justify doing a job where I travel for more hours that I get paid?

Eilidh’s story

The onus is now on me to try to find cover for later and also for this colleague's next shift

Heather’s story

I guess my job is 'seed planting'- Sometimes I see germination, which is a joy!

Iona’s story

I feel all the negativity very draining and it impacts on my mental health

Kirsty’s story

I've been told John may not be able to play his accordion in his new place: the walls are paper thin

Laura’s story

Additional 2hr worrying time at night - I know I need to try and manage this unhelpful habit

Scott’s story

It was very difficult watching this lady's daughter basically fall to bits as she normally appeared strong