Silver Linings

by Alan Ryan

I remember the dancing,
the nightclubs and red slip-ons
Yearning Miami Vice and the rhythmic 80’s,
The headbands for sports and that pony tail
to tidy once long blond hair.
I hear laughter, yes, I had hair once.

Times of days past, happy, care-free
A Spanish island, I stumbled upon fate
A girl I did meet and moved away
A daughter was born and then a son
A dear father was lost, now I have none.
A curious world sometimes.

To the young’uns I sometimes say, “I’m growing my hair back”,
“NO!” – they will cry, laughing those joyful tears.

Many risks I have taken,
yet become more secure, with
A lady who loves me
And two wonderful young people
Make parenting so easy, and
Life again, is worthwhile.

A sense of belonging
I enjoy every day,
I feel I have it in spades
I’m fortunate, I know,
So I can now give it away.
Thank you.