You might think I’m stupid, doing this job. Working sometimes fifteen hours a day. Then only getting paid for four. It sounds crazy, I know. But making people feel better about themselves makes me feel good.

My job’s definitely rewarding. If it wasn’t I’d have left in the first week. My wife said I’d make a good care worker, so I gave it a shot and glad I did. For me there’s nothing better.

I help with personal care, food, washing, that kind of thing. Basically I’m there to make people’s lives a wee bit more comfortable. I can make around seventeen visits a day. Sometimes I’ll stay an hour. Just depends.

From early o’clock through to ten at night, I’m there for folk. I like to breeze in. Tell a few jokes. Have a laugh, and a wee carry on.

I’ll have a sit down with anyone. Talk about anything, that’s me. I’m always looking for ways to strike up a conversation. Could be politics, football, travel, my army days. If I don’t know about something I’ll google it when I get back in the house. That way I can talk about it the next day.

I try and lift people’s moods, put a smile on their face.

If me or someone like me wasn’t there for folk?
God man. Hate to think.

Community Care Worker for vulnerable adults
North Ayrshire