Approach applied in KiP

Coproduction and improvement methodology are two very different approaches as improvement methodology has a focus on gathering evidence through concrete measures of success at each stage, whereas co-production is evidenced through activities reflecting changes in attitudes and perceptions that are difficult to quantify. There were questions about how well it would fit the with the PPHW programme and KiP projects, therefore this work presented an opportunity to test the combination of these two methodologies.

At the core of the KiP approach is a person centred co-productive methodology which also frames the use of improvement methodology. Most of the time during this project was spent understanding a local context, personal experiences and developing a plan that responded to difficulties people experienced. Once identified people moved from the plan stage and through the do, study and act stages.


The plan through which this model was realised was six workshops, run over a year which follow three steps: learning, planning and doing.

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