Recruiting people with knowledge and experience of dementia

After initial scoping discussions with our North West Glasgow partners, people were recruited in different ways.

Practitioners trained to support people who live with dementia

Dementia support and development leads in North West Glasgow met with post diagnostic support staff to explain the project and present the proposal to senior managers. Four practitioners (link workers) were selected from North West Post Diagnostic Service based at the Glenkirk Centre (two from Alzheimer Scotland and two from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde). These practitioners work full time to support people when they are diagnosed with dementia and do not undertake other roles.

People who live with dementia and their carers

People with dementia and their carers (who were spouses, daughters, and siblings) were recruited by their link workers. These professionals identified people they thought may be interested in this project and who would be able to take part.

We gave link workers and occupational therapists information about the project that they could share with people when inviting them to participate.



Alison (Alzheimer Scotland Link Worker), Edwina (Head Occupational Therapy, NHS), Eileen (person with dementia), Elizabeth (Occupational Therapist Technical Instructor, NHS), Helen (carer/wife of Jim), Jean (carer/daughter of Mary), Jim (person with dementia), Joe (carer/husband of Eileen), John (person with dementia), Katherine (Alzheimer Scotland Link Worker), Laura F (carer/wife of John), Laura K (Clinical Improvement Co-ordinator, NHS), Lynne (Link Worker, NHS), Mary, also known as Maimie (person with dementia), Phil (carer/brother of person with dementia), Stephen (Dementia Lead) and Viv (Social Work, Glasgow City Council).

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