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Evaluation Report

To evaluate this work people who took part in KiP provided feedback about their experiences in a reflective group session in the final workshops for both groups. People were also asked to share individual reflections by choosing to talk to Rikke or Gayle using face-to-face and/or telephone interviews, or in small groups. Findings from this are presented in a final Keeping it Personal Evaluation Report . This contains learning from the project to inform others wishing to replicate or adopt and adapt its approaches.

The conclusion drawn in this study is that the approach taken on this project did support people to influence their own health and wellbeing and to contribute to the design, delivery and improvement of support and services, including peer support. However, there are aspects of this approach that can support and hinder the realisation of this aim. These aspects are drawn out in the evaluation report.

We are interested in your views of this work and the findings and suggestions in the evaluation report.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the use of this approach to support the integration of health and social care. Please get in touch with Kerry Musselbrook if you have any comments or questions.

Reflections from the Project Lead

You can also read about the Project Lead’s own reflections on Keeping it personal post-project.

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