An insight into the standards

East Renfrewshire, meeting two

March 2018

In this session, we were joined by Henry Mathias, Head of Professional Practice and Standards at the Care Inspectorate. Henry gave the group an introduction to the standards and insight into the rationale behind their development. The group then had time to ask questions and to discuss what they had been told.

Learning summary

Questions asked in this session included:

What have you taken from today’s meeting?

  • Understanding how the Inspectorate will ensure consistency in a way that scores are inspected and graded
  • More use of qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Inspectorates will be going out experiencing care on a more one-to-one basis
  • There will be more time spent talking to practitioners
  • There needs to be more input and guidance from the Care Inspectorate

What would you like to address in future meetings?

  • Greater input from other agencies in health and social care
  • To meet some NHS staff in order to understand what their views are on the standards
  • Need for a sharing event
  • To document the partnership journey
  • More collaborative thinking
  • Wider integrated thinking
  • Thinking about why home care providers don’t communicate with each other?
  • Identify which standards meet what types of outcomes
  • Wider participation at workshops
  • Input from health
  • Workforce development in respect of the new standards
  • Breakdown discussion regarding quality framework to HSCS
  • Explore how an individual service can be satisfied that their support workers are using HSCS appropriately
  • Working in silos
  • Look specifically at compassion