An insight by the Care Inspectorate

Perth and Kinross, meeting two

April 2018

Similar to our meeting in East Renfrewshire, in this session, we were joined by Henry Mathias, Head of Professional Practice and Standards at the Care Inspectorate.

Henry gave the group an introduction to the standards and insight into the rationale behind their development. The group then had time to ask questions and to discuss what they had been told.

Learning Summary
Meeting agenda

Key Learning

Partners gave the following feedback about what they had taken from this session and what they thought we should focus on in future meetings

What have you taken from today’s meeting?

  • Need to consider other NHS colleagues who could/should be involved
  • An insight into why the standards have changed
  • More person-focused approach to inspections and standards
  • The use of more simplified language
  • Changes to how future inspections will be done
  • Good to learn other partners experiences/knowledge of the standards

What would you like to address in future meetings?

  • Focus on the new aspects of the standards, especially compassion
  • Commitment to a joint partnership approach
  • Consideration of the standards from a strategic context
  • Connection and opportunities for collaboration
  • How to link descriptors to evidence
  • Creating tools that could support staff development
  • How do we inform service users and check their understanding of the standards
  • Are we working towards the same outcomes?
  • Outline a plan and critical milestones for the project
  • Develop a collective set of outcomes for the project
  • Look at how we can disseminate our learning across the sector, looking at more creative and inclusive outputs