Perth and Kinross

Project Partners

Name: Colin Paton
Organisation: Perth & Kinross Council
Role: Quality Assurance and Performance Team Leader, with additional responsibility for Council Substance Use Service.

I have worked with Perth & Kinross Council (PKC) since August 2010. Before coming to work for the council, I worked within the 3rd Sector managing homeless accommodation in Dundee. To date, much of my carer has focused on working with hard to engage groups with issues such as homelessness, mental wellbeing and substance use.

Since joining PKC, I have had the opportunity to work with some fascinating people as well as gain many new skills and insights into the sector. My current role as Quality Assurance and Improvement Team lead has allowed me to expand my knowledge and skills and to start a programme to address improvements in Adult Care. This role will allow me to embed the New Health & Social Care Standards into everyday practices, helping staff to develop tools and skills in which to evidence the impact of their working on the lives of people who use our services.

The opportunity to work as a Project Partner with Iriss could not have come at a more opportune and valuable time. The learning and tools developed during this project will not only help to focus and inform our self-evaluation tools and evidence work as a council but will contribute to the broader learning of the sector, helping to make all of our services the best that they can be.

Project Stakeholders

Name: Donna Murray-Trail
Organisation: The Care and Wellbeing Co-operative
Title: Co-ordinator

Why do you want to be part of the partnership?

We want to promote/use/feedback on our use of the Standards with communities and members. To ask how can unregistered services support and use the Standards.


Name: Nicola Gibson
Organisation: P+K Health and Social Care Partnership
Title: Quality Monitoring Officer (North Locality)

Why do you want to be part of the partnership?

  • To enhance my role and knowledge within the Partnership and of the Standards
  • To raise the quality of care provision
  • To share knowledge within the external providers I work with


Name: Dina Scott
Organisation: PKC – Health and Social Care Partnership
Title: Self Directed Support Coordinator

Why do you want to be part of the partnership?

To learn where ‘I’ fit in and what/where/how this will impact on my role. How can I influence…


Name: Samantha Rankin
Organisation: PKC and HSCS Partnership
Title: Business Improvement Officer

Why do you want to be part of the partnership?

  • To understand more about the New Standards and hopefully contribute to their implementation across services in Adult Social Work and Social Care
  • To learn and share about best practice across all sectors