Improvement and Methodology

East Renfrewshire, meeting three

December 2018

In this session, the group were joined by Iain McLellan and Tony Valbonesi from the Care Inspectorate. Both of the Inspectors came to the session to talk to the group about the methodology and framework underpinning the standards.

There had been a large gap in time between the previous session and this one. This had been largely circumstantial, but also because there was a push from the group to have the Care Inspectorate represented at the sessions, in order to collectively reflect on what we were doing.

Iain and Tony were able to address some of the points we had previously discussed and gave us further insight into the care standards framework.

In the second half of the session, participants were introduced to the ‘Evaluation Toolkit’. It is hoped that they will be able to test and evaluate the resources in their organisations and feedback to Iriss in the near future.

Summary of learning

Key learning from the session included:

  • There has been a push for the Care Inspectorate to be more collaborative in their approach to inspection
  • CI inspections will be gauging people’s experiences rather than key processes
  • Focusing on enabling good care, rather than enforcing it
  • Will observe a mixture of the aspirational standards and task orientated care
  • Focus on ‘A quality framework for care homes for older people’
  • Question 4 will not be used for care at home services
  • Give feedback!
  • Keep and eye on forum providers or the CI website to check out opportunities for feedback
  • Have a look at the ‘evaluation toolkit’
  • Use the tool and feedback to Iriss you have used it


  • Don’t worry too much about the language – look at the scrutiny and improvement tool box within the framework guidance


The toolkit brings together a selection of resources that may be useful when evaluation the services you deliver under the new Health and Social Care Standards.

Partners in attendance

  • JJ Turner, ER HSCP
  • Sandra Auld. HRM Homecare
  • Alison Ure, ER HSCP
  • Iain McLellan, Care Inspectorate
  • Tony Valbonesi, Care Inspectorate
  • Donna Hughes, SRS Care Solutions
  • John Donnelly, SS Care Solutions
  • Martin Gibson, Christina’s HCS
  • Lynn Laughland, HRM