Why are you here?

East Renfrewshire, meeting one

January 2018

In the first session in East Renfrewshire, different care at home providers came together to discuss the new care standards.

Working together, members of the group were able to introduce themselves to other providers as well as discuss any issues they were experiencing in relation to implementing the new care standards into their current practice.

This was a very thorough and emotive session, that communicated many of the issues facing care at home service providers trying to integrate with other health and care services.

Similar to our first session in Perth and Kinross, the group also discussed any barriers or concerns they had about working to the new standards, in hope that we could address some of their points in future sessions.

Learning summary

Questions asked in the session included:

Why are you here?

  • To find out more 
  • Partnership work is valuable to bring to East Ren
  • To learn from others
  • Learn how to measure outcomes
  • Learn how the standards are measured
  • To know what the changes are from old to new
  • Keen to have an introduction to the standards

Who needs to be in the room?

  • Rehab teams
  • Care co-ordinators
  • Tech services
  • Hospital discharge
  • Hospital nurses
  • Front-line care workers
  • The Care Inspectorate
  • District nurses
  • SSSC
  • Palliative care
  • Training providers
  • Health

Barriers or concerns

About implementing the new care standards into your current practice:

  • Recruitment and retention
  • Skillset of staff
  • Impact on resources
  • Having to provide support at preferred times
  • Time and task in responsive care
  • Hard to encompass all the standards in day-to-day care
  • Needs to be more proportionate
  • How often factors link to the principles
  • Move away from blue sky thinking
  • How does it work within crisis and emergency care?